Every family has a story.

Storyfish Photography started out of a passion for bringing creative, captivating and classic photography to families in Southern California and beyond. We believe that every family deserves quality images that they can look back on for generations to come. We understand that your families photos are some of the most meaningful and priceless things that you can own, and we take our responsibility to create quality and timeless images seriously.

That's why we started Storyfish, out of a desire to provide images that tell your families unique story. We go beyond the traditional family portrait and provide you with images that truly capture the uniqueness of your family.

We do this by allowing families interact as they would typically, and most of the time we try to fade into the background, capturing the moments that will be cherished forever. While we do get all the image that are more traditional family photos, we find the best images happen in between the poses, where families can be families thus producing images that are honest, intimate and timeless.

Meet Patrick, the lead photographer and founder of Storyfish.

My name Seriously, I am one lucky guy. I married my wife Jaimi in June of 2010, on the beautiful Vashon Island in the Puget Sound off the coast of Seattle. In December of 2012, we met Lucy our daughter, who is strong, smart and who is the most outgoing and friendly kid I've ever met. 

She's the reason I love family photos.

In the months leading up to Lucy's birth, a close friend gave me some advice that I've taken to heart. She said, take great photos of your kids every three months. You won't regret it. 

And it's because of that advice, I've done just that. I've captured amazing family moments and I am so thankful that I did. And it's through that experience I have pursued family photography. I know how quickly it seems for time to fly by when you have kids, so I know how much having quality photography means.

My wife and I live in our beach house in San Diego, California where we love to take walks on the pier, watch Lucy play in the waves and someday soon, I'm going to learn to surf. I'm obsessed with good coffee, love Mini Coopers and am always planning our next adventure.