The White Family

I'd like to introduce you to Jared and Amanda of North Park in San Diego.

Jared is a realtor at Green Tower Realty and Amanda is a teacher in Coronado. They have two amazing, energetic, passionate and incredibly fun boys who are not shy in front of the camera.

The White's wanted to show off their neighborhood while capturing the uniqueness and personality of their family. While we walked around the eclectic University Ave, it was easy to see why they chose this area and it was so incredibly fun to use the architecture and colorful aesthetic of the city into the images.

Our aim was simple, to tell their story as honestly and creatively as possible. To capture those moments that happen every day, while on the surface are seemingly ordinary, they are invaluable and beautiful.

We love the White family and can't wait until we get to capture them again. Get in touch today to book your Storyfish family session.

Patrick [and the Storyfish Team] did a great job at capturing our children in action and the unique vibrance or our neighborhood. The photo shoot was fun and well-organized. Things went much smoother than I expected on a two hour photo shoot with toddlers. Patrick and his assistant kept things moving and kept everyone engaged the whole time. We received a few initial photos shortly after the shoot and the rest of the images just a few days later. We were thrilled with how the images turned out. The style, poses, and image quality were all excellent. We will definitely treasure these images and the moment in time they represent!
— Jared White | San Diego