Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of photographer are you?
My work has been described as organic, natural and journalistic - I take pride in capturing moments as they happen and allowing families to be themselves. Therefore, I will never force families into awkward poses that are unnatural or ask you to do anything that you aren't comfortable with; I want your photos to tell a story, and the best way to do that is to let you interact as you usually would. And having everyone looking at the camera and smiling isn't essential. Sure, we might get one or two of those images, but I promise if we do, it will be because it happened naturally, not because it was forced.  
Where will my session be held?
Locations vary depending on the preference of the family. Locations are held in one of the fantastic locations around San Diego. We can help advise on the best locations.
How long will my session be?
We find about an hour is best for your session. Generally, we can capture between 70-90 images during this time (most of the time more).

How much does a session cost?
The session fee is $150. Digital+Print Packages start at $450.
What will my session be like?
When you show up at the agreed location, myself and the Family Stylist will be there to greet you. After brief introductions, we'll walk to the first location of the session. We'll then do some warm-up pictures and depending on the ages of the kids; we might even play a quick game to ease the nerves. As we get going, I encourage the family to interact and have fun together. It's entirely okay if a child cries or needs a break. I will be capturing images during these times as well. (Sometimes amazing photos come during these times.) As we begin to wrap up, I'll ask if there are any specific images you want.  After that, we will wrap the session
What should I wear?
The most important thing is to be comfortable and be yourself. We discourage overly matching clothes or colors. Colors and styles should go together but never match. Clothes should fit well avoiding to loose or too tight fitting. It's also best to avoid superfine pin-stripes as the camera doesn't like them and it's a bit tricky to print.
How far out are you booked?
I am typically booked 1-3 months out in advance; however, I encourage you to inquire anyway if you need a sooner date. We might be able to make it work.
How can I order prints and products from you?
Yes, Storyfish works with one of the highest-rated photo labs in the country, and we can provide a price list upon request.